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  • What’s Our Favorite Cookie? Oreo, Of Course!

    Last updated: May 31, 2020

    We Can Ride’s herd is made up of horses of many colors. We’ve got bays, blacks, whites, grays, duns and a chestnut, but the most colorful of all is our favorite cookie, Oreo.

    Oreo is a brown, white and black paint pony whose most noticeable characteristic is his blue eye.

    He is a striking fellow to be sure, but Oreo matches his appearance with a delightful personality. He was born in 2001 and spent his life before We Can Ride as a happy trail pony who loved long rides and playing games. He was shown in local 4-H shows and was a favorite family pet.

    Why is Oreo considered a pony? It’s all about height. A horse’s height is measured from the bottom of their feet to the top of their withers in 4-inch units called “hands”.  Any horse under 14.2 hands is considered a pony. Oreo checks in at 13.3 hands or 53.2 inches tall.

    Ponies are, for their size, generally stronger than horses. This makes them ideal for pulling and carrying heavy loads. In addition to being hardier and handling extreme weather better, ponies are considered by many to be more intelligent than larger horses. Oreo is a prime example of a clever pony. Besides working extraordinarily well with young clients, he enjoys tackling obstacle courses and other activities that challenge his thinking.

    A trusted member of the We Can Ride family since 2018, Oreo loves hanging out with his buddies, Max, Kota, Edwin and Splash (seen above).  This picture gives you an idea of “pony size.” Oreo may be one of the smallest of the herd, but all who know him agree, he is the best cookie around.

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