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  • Horse Donations or Leases

    Did you know that We Can Ride is looking for horses?


    The horses we work with in our programs are well cared for, loved by our clients, staff, and volunteers and are given the opportunity to live a life of great purpose during their time with us. Donating a horse to We Can Ride is a multi-step process. Since therapeutic riding is such a special job, it requires very special horses. Working at We Can Ride has to be the right fit for the horse and it is crucial that the horse has the appropriate temperament for our programs.

    What are we looking for?  Here are some ideal traits:

    • Between 10 and 20 years old
    • No taller than 16 hands high ( we are looking for pony types, too – shorter horses are easier for volunteers to work with, and for instructors to manage mounts and dismounts)
    • Calm, steady, handles new situations without too much anxiety
    • Patient and forgiving of inexperienced and unbalanced riders
    • Preferably barefoot
    • Sound at walk, trot and canter (MUST be sound at walk and trot)
    • Easy to catch
    • People-oriented, social
    • Has experience in larger herds (5 or more horses)
    • History of showing, trail riding, parades, or other “busier” lifestyles where they would be exposed to many people, horses, and new situations

    The horses at We Can Ride are the foundation of our programming!  We are painstaking in our assessment of horses because we believe that all of our horses have to be healthy and happy in their job at We Can Ride.

    We accept horses into our program in one of two ways: either via lease or donation.  Both options is are a multi-step process.

    1. After receiving information about your horse, either the Barn Manager or Equine Manager will contact you and ask follow-up questions.
    2. Based on the follow-up, two of our equine staff members will come and meet you and your horse. They will evaluate your horse for its suitability in our program in a variety of ways, including reactions to new people, toys, and unbalanced riders.
    3. If you and the We Can Ride staff determine that your horse is a good fit for our program, your horse comes to live at We Can Ride and the 90 day trial period starts. Sometimes we are able to bring the horse into the program before the 90 days are up, sometimes we ask to extend the trial.  We use the trial period to begin training and confirm that this is the right job for the horse.  For the safety of everyone (horse, riders, volunteers) and the mental/emotional/physical health of the horse it is crucial that your horse is a good fit at We Can Ride.
    4. The horse is either accepted into the program or returned to you, the owner.
      1. If the horse is a donation, We Can Ride owns the horse after the final paperwork is signed and you can take a tax deduction of its value. You can choose to have first right of refusal of your horse when it retires from our program.
      2. If the horse is a lease, both parties sign an annual lease contract that is reviewed with you and the equine staff.

    Interested parties should email our Equine Operations Manager with the following information:

      • A brief description of your horse including: height, weight, age, background, soundness, where the horse is located, and reason for donation.
      • Photos of your horse (front, side, and rear views if possible).
      • If possible, a video of your horse being ridden at the walk, trot, and canter.


    Last updated: December 1, 2017

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