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  • Get to Know Our Boy Edwin

    Last updated: May 8, 2020

    When you are out amidst the paddocks at We Can Ride, one horse stands out. Edwin, our youngest fellow, is our only chestnut. When the sun catches his coat in just the right way, he shines like a newly minted penny.

    The two other things that set our lanky boy apart are his age – he’s the youngest of the herd at 12, and the white brand on his hip. This brand identifies his pedigree line as a registered American Quarter Horse.

    Touted as the world’s most popular and versatile breed, Quarter Horses were developed in the 1600s by crossing ponies from the Chickasaw Indian tribe and English plow horses that had been brought over by the colonists. The Chickasaw ponies were speedy, fiery descendants of the Spanish Barb horses that had come to Florida by way of the explorers.

    This cross-breeding, refined by adding in Thoroughbred blood from England, developed a well-muscled and hardy horse who could carry their owners throughout the week and race hard on the weekends. The breed’s name comes from the length of the tracks – one quarter of a mile.

    Edwin personifies the best of the breed. He is tall and lanky with a sweet, goofy personality. He is quite intelligent and he loves learning new tasks. Edwin is ideal for bigger riders and those who might be a bit nervous. He is kind, quiet and relaxed.

    Edwin was ridden both English and Western pleasure. His gaits are representative of a western show horse. He has the loveliest slow trot and easy-going canter, which makes him a joy to ride and watch.

    Edwin is always up for a head scratch and conversation. So next time you visit We Can Ride, look for the gleaming red horse with the friendly expression that one volunteer has nicknamed “Captain America.” You can’t miss him!

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